Are you full of energy and ready for a new adventure?

Are you attracted by our story and happy to join our warm family company as a CallensVynckeneer? Then we really want to meet you!

Power to our people

We admire & encourage each other

We keep our eyes on the future

We’re family

Meet the team and apply for a job @ CallensVyncke!

We admire & encourage each other

Our dynamic CallensVynckeneers have many things in common, yet, their differences work encouraging.

With respect for one another, the close-knit team strives to get the best out of every project for our industrial customers.

They admire all talents and personalities, and allow these to work inspiringly and encouragingly to take each other to the next level.

We keep our eyes on the future

Considering the large-scale turnkey projects that are typical for CallensVyncke, preparation, planning, communication, and above all, a healthy dose of courage, creativity and focus on the future are necessary.

With those characteristics in mind, we give each other the necessary (renewable) energy because every CallensVynckeneer is vital!

We care for our future and yours. We take every idea into consideration. We treasure each other.

We’re family

Every CallensVynckeneer can be himself while putting the company’s values on the map.

Moving along the waves that are put in motion by our mothers, Callens and Vyncke, boosts our team. It gives us a unique framework and structure, as well as unique learning opportunities, and so much more.

What’s more: we act uniquely to get to know the person behind the employee.

CallensVyncke team