The CallensVynckeneers are a close team of skillful engineers. We thrive when coworking on the various CHP projects our customers have in store for us, and when challenged, are relentless to find the very best overall solution to optimize the energy efficiency.

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We help you find the right solution

“My aim is to be the rock in the waves”

Johan Callens
General Manager

“Building powerful experience since the birth of CallensVyncke”

Bart Cools
Head of Sales & Concept Engineering

“Going the next mile for every customer, no matter the obstacles”

Francis Geeraert
Sales & Business Development Manager

CallensVyncke Technical Sales Engineer

Sies Depoorter
Technical Sales Engineer

Count on us for the timely implementation of your solution

“Go-getter and team player, two powers perfectly combined”

Bjorn Galle
Project Manager

“Using my positive mindset and eye for detail for happy customers”

Laura Vandenhaute
Project Manager

“With patience and consideration, nothing is impossible"

Koen Goeminne
Project Engineer

CallensVyncke Project Engineer

Sander Simoens
Project Engineer

CallensVyncke Project Engineer

Bert Lamon
Project Engineer

“Every time I set foot in the field, I give everything I have”

Siebe Maximus
Field Engineer

“Putting all in place in a correct and safe way”

Martijn Smet
Field Engineer

“Balancing the team out with calmness and wariness”

Wim Vandemaele
Technology Engineer

“Always exploring the boundaries”

Sven Neyrinck
Design Engineer

“Designing every CHP with meticulous care”

Thomas Wandels
Design Engineer

“Your low voltage is my high priority”

Frederik Verstraete
E&I Engineer

“Expect precision and diligence”

Koen Wittouck
E&I Engineer

Gert Van de Perre
Customer Service Coordinator

Taking care of safe and reliable employees

“CallensVyncke is all about CHP, Colorful Happy People”

Tommie Duyvejonck
HR Director

“No safety, no glory”

Ann Verhue
HSQE Director

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