Industrial decarbonization of heat and power

Achieving industrial decarbonization requires a comprehensive and integrated approach that combines energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy integration, and technological innovation. By focusing on these key areas, we help industries decarbonize heat and power, reduce CO2 emissions, and achieve their sustainability goals.  


What are the best industrial decarbonization strategies for your activities? Finding the optimal sustainable industrial solutions requires thorough research into various aspects of your operations and energy provision. These include:

Required heat and power capacity

Availability of process by-products or waste streams

Possibilities for electrification

Ambitions for the future

Together, we will identify the industrial decarbonization strategies that best align with your needs and goals, ensuring the most favorable returns. 

What about your carbon footprint? Reduce your CO2 emissions with the best available industrial decarbonization technologies.


A CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system empowers you to control your energy supply by efficiently producing both electricity and heat, contributing to energy efficiency and sustainable energy practices. This system significantly enhances energy efficiency and reduces industrial CO2 emissions, providing an environmentally friendly solution for your energy needs.


Electrification is one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero, promoting energy efficiency and industrial decarbonization. 

Novel fuels

Waste streams can be transformed into sustainable energy sources as well as novel renewable fuels. By improving burner and boiler design, we offer the technological innovation to integrate renewable energy into your industrial processes and improve the energy efficiency of your operations. 

Carbon capture

Advanced carbon capture technology significantly enhances CO2 removal from boiler flue gases, transforming it into a valuable raw material in a broad range of CO2 utilization methods. 


Our projects

Proudly engineered in Belgium, and delivered worldwide​.

Discover some of our projects we’ve engineered and installed over the past years. Ongoing projects concerning electrification, novel fuels, waste streams and carbon capture will be added soon. Meanwhile, follow our LinkedIn page for live updates on our new projects.