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With our cogeneration systems, customers from all over the world have optimized their energy supply greatly. Whilst most of them are active in the food, drink, paper or chemicals industry, all sectors that demand the highest level of continuous energy can equally benefit from our solutions. Have a look at some of the CHP installations we have engineered and installed over the past years.

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WKK Alexandrië Egypte

A CHP far away from home, yet so close to the core of our being

This CHP is the second one on foreign ground for this customer. The project encompassed the exchange of the existing condensing steam turbine for a back pressure version, including the addition of a double fired back-up boiler and the balance of plant.

CallensVyncke CHP island mode

Turbine driven CHP plant in Germany, with island mode

Previous Next More than a turbine and a recovery boiler We did not just propose a simple combination of a turbine and a recovery boiler. Instead, we first listened to the issues the customer wanted to solve, and it soon became apparent they suffered from power cuts and reduced reliability of their old fashioned boiler house. Additionally, disruptions in the steam production resulted in day-long overall production stops because of the nature of the process. When diving deeper into that…

Sustainable energy on the rhythm of production

As market leader in the production of phosphate, this company works around the clock. Yet, the company needed a system that still performed efficiently when undergoing regular down times. Enter: the CallensVyncke CHP solutions!

A powerful combination of 4 machines delivers cost-effective energy

A beautiful opportunity to optimize companies’ energy network should never go to waste. Beauvent is a cooperation specialized in wind power, solar power and heating grids, and together we can go even further for an energy transition with impact. By joining forces, we can both take further steps for an energy transition with impact.

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