Sustainable energy on the rhythm of production

Modulating the energy flows of the turbine

The production process needs regular cleaning and, therefore, is being interrupted regularly.

This leads to two important challenges in designing the cogeneration installation: the need to easily switch from maximum power to zero, and a deeply modulated steam consumption. The solution lied in a comprehensive approach in which we studied the overall energy supply on the plant.

CHP installation that can count on back-up boiler

We introduced a CHP installation in combination with a back-up boiler while integrating the study of the existing boilers to our master plan. The installation was topped off with an active boiler management system to maximize the CHP’s profits and minimize the CO2 emissions substantially.

Technical specifications

As market leader in the production of phosphate, this company works around the clock. Yet, the company needed a system that still performed efficiently when undergoing regular down times.
Cue enter : the CallensVyncke CHP solutions!