Reliable and smart process temperature for high tech potato production plant

The perfect combination

The new plant will focus on the production of both fries and potato flakes. The production itself asks a high amount of heat in the form of steam while the frozen storage, on the other hand, asks a lot of electricity. A combination that lead to a perfect match with the CallensVyncke expertise!

We were involved in the construction from an early phase onwards, which allowed us to engineer the most favorable setup consisting of a gas turbine linked to a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). To further ensure the continuity of the steam production in the future, the design and space for a back-up boiler has already been foreseen.

The first critical milestone consisted of a brand-new green field medium voltage main cabin, feeding not only our installation but also the entire factory. A particularly challenging task. Yet another example of our fully integrated project focused on relieving the customer.

Collaboration with Optimum by Callens

Finally, Optimum by Callens, for its part, took care of the thermal oxidizer which uses the frying gases from the factory to produce extra steam – while simultaneously, neutralizing the odors. As a cherry on the cake, we are repurposing the water treatment’s biogas. All in all, an exemplary project of green energy.

This project forms part of a large-scale operation with the entire Callens family. Read their full news article for more information

Technical specifications

One of Belgium’s most famous potato processors is constructing a new high-tech potato production plant that calls for smart and reliable process temperature in many facets.