CallensVyncke cogeneration

Energy system transforms to efficient energy supply network

Uniting the powers of the entire Callens group

The new energy supply network for this company was built by uniting the powers of the entire Callens group.

On the company’s production site massive amounts of titanium dioxide are produced, the most effective whitening agent in the world. The production process, in its turn, requires a massive amount of energy.

The local power cable was far from sufficient and forced the client into taking control of its own power generation.

Reducing heat waste and energy costs

The CallensVynckeneers, therefore, mapped out an entirely new energy supply network that now reduces heat waste and energy costs. They engineered a CHP system with a second economizer that was assembled on site by the colleagues from Callens. Optimum by Callens, on the other hand, contributed a low fouling steam boiler, combined with its patented in-line APCS (Active Pipe Cleaning System). Finally, the CallensVynckeneers integrated the system into the overall energy management structure.

Technical specifications

What our client says