Combined heat and power to the maximum for day and night production

CHP at maximum capacity

The capacity of the 5,6 MWe CHP system was brought to new heights by modifying to produce 65 tons of steam on the flue gas side.

This, in its turn, was made possible by combining a sophisticated post-combustion burner for the turbine’s flue gasses with a customized heavy-duty economizer.

Continuity and reliability as primary parameters

Considering the importance of the continuity and reliability of the energy network, the entire engineering and installation was included in the project. CallensVyncke even took care of the civil works and the medium voltage power lines. The result of this comprehensive approach was an early detection of many potential challenges and problems.

Technical specifications

This manufacturer of chemicals is a typical CallensVyncke customer because he needs electricity and heat 24/7. For complete reliability of the system, we adopted a comprehensive approach.