Combination of HRSG, gas turbine and the back-up boiler bring back energy stability

From last breath to unstoppable power

The previous installation was about to draw its last breath. To give the customer a complete peace of mind again, we opted for a gas turbine equipped with an HRSG and a back-up boiler.

As soon as the back-up boiler was in business, the customer was back on track to refining his culinary oils and fats and hasn’t faced any interruptions since.

Fluctuating demand

Specific for this installation, steam demand is not only highly fluctuating but also very low at times, in contrast to the required factory power. A special turbine with internal flue gas recuperation and post-combustion system with deep modulation was the answer to this challenge: we managed to go as low as 7 tons of steam per hour for 4,5 MW of electricity.

Heritage in all its aspects

We took away the old CHP and installed a new CHP on the same place. For the recovery boiler, we re-used the existing foundation and the existing building.
Installing the BUB was a separate challenge, the wall of the old building was monument listed, so we removed the old building, (except for the wall ) installed a new building behind the wall, and lifted the boiler over the protected wall into the new building, before closing the roof. As the roof is mechanically fixed, we can always remove the boiler when it’s at the end of the life cycle. 

Despite these difficulties, we knocked off 3 weeks of installation time. To top this, we designed, installed and commissioned a new medium voltage connection.

Technical specifications

This refinery of culinary oils and fats urgently needed a stable energy solution for its production process. In cooperation with our family members from Callens, we were able to bring back steam stability.

What our client says