WKK Alexandrië Egypte

A CHP far away from home, yet so close to the core of our being

Our second CHP for this customer on foreign ground

Thanks to the successful completion of a CHP installation in Germany for this customer we were granted this second project on foreign ground, yet, this time in Egypt. The project encompassed the exchange of the existing condensing steam turbine for a back pressure version, including the addition of a double fired back-up boiler and the balance of plant. No doubt the far away location and cultural differences posed extra challenges to this project. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what we CallensVynckeneers like.

Combining preparations at home with extensive site visits in Egypt

We meticulously engineered this project at home based on a 3D scan of the plant, then conducted extensive site visits and planning meetings in Egypt, to eventually adapt our engineering to those findings and set sail for a fluent organization in one go.

As far as the components of the installations were concerned, we chose to deliver the bigger ones directly to the harbor of Alexandria, close to the CHP plant, whereas smaller parts were collected in our head offices in Waregem. This allowed us to tag and check all materials carefully in order to obtain an efficient installation process on site. This not only helped our own dedicated site manager, yet also the work force for whom the collaboration was completely new.

As witnessed by the project team’s happy faces, we proudly brought this project to satisfying end.

Technical specifications

As market leader in the production of phosphate, this company works around the clock. Yet, the company needed a system that still performed efficiently when undergoing regular down times.
Cue enter : the CallensVyncke CHP solutions!