Novel fuels

Novel fuels include a variety of renewable energy sources and a wide range of gaseous and liquid waste streams or by-products, such as green hydrogen, renewable biogas, and syngas. The valorization of these waste streams can be achieved by implementing waste-to-energy solutions. However, despite the many opportunities for sustainable energy solutions, many remain underutilized. Nevertheless, with proper engineering, novel fuels can be converted into valuable energy. 



Gaseous waste streams/ Syngas

Liquid waste streams


Use novel fuels to your advantage​

Through careful boiler and burner design, and with the right selection of flue gas treatment systems, we can engineer your installation to efficiently convert novel fuels into valuable energy.
This includes using hydrogen for sustainable energy, renewable biogas for waste-to-energy solutions, and syngas utilization for effective waste-to-energy conversion. Additionally, we prioritize the valorization of liquid waste to further enhance sustainable energy production. 
Stay flexible to be future-proof. Avoid placing all your bets on a single fuel type.  Instead, prepare to adapt to evolving market dynamics by embracing a multi-fuel approach. 
Get inspired and valorize your waste streams too

Discover some of our ongoing projects with challenging waste streams.

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Using syngas with high concentrations of H2, CO and S as a novel fuel for efficient energy generation 


Corrosion-resistant boiler system, with a built-in de-NOx system

Co2 reduction

25,000 tonnes/year



Incorporate various fuels to respond to:

  • Limited availability of gas and power
  • Valorization of mixed fatty acids, a low value by-product


  • Multi-fuel & low NOx burners
  • High pressure watertube boilers
  • Provision for e-boilers

Co2 reduction

90 % against current set-up


Our projects

Proudly engineered in Belgium, and delivered worldwide​.

Discover some of our projects we’ve engineered and installed over the past years. Ongoing projects concerning electrification, novel fuels, waste streams and carbon capture will be added soon. Meanwhile, follow our LinkedIn page for live updates on our new projects.

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