EPC integrator for industrial power & heat

As an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) integrator for industrial power & heat solutions, we focus on CO2 reduction and energy efficiency.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

A CHP system empowers you to control your energy supply by efficiently producing both electricity and heat. This system significantly enhances energy efficiency and reduces industrial CO2 emissions, providing an environmentally friendly solution for your energy needs. 


Electrification is one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero. By integrating electrification with green energy solutions, you can effectively minimize your carbon footprint and achieve your sustainable energy goals. 

Novel fuels

Waste streams can be transformed into valuable heat sources through improved burner and boiler design. By incorporating novel fuels as part of our waste-to-energy solutions, we offer sustainable energy solutions that optimize production processes for greater efficiency and environmental benefits. 

Carbon capture​

Advanced carbon capture technology significantly enhances CO2 removal from boiler flue gases, transforming it into a valuable raw material in a broad range of CO2 utilization methods. 


Integrated green energy solutions are the way forward

Tackling the energy transition challenge requires integrating multiple technologies tailored to your specific process needs. Flexible energy systems are the future of the industry, and Callens-Vyncke is here to help you maximize your energy efficiency and achieve significant energy savings.  

CallensVyncke cogeneration
CallensVyncke cogeneration

Combining the strengths of two family-owned companies

Callens-Vyncke excels in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) projects, offering in-depth technical knowledge, extensive project experience, and solid financial strength. Callens, the regional leader in industrial energy systems in the Benelux and France, and VYNCKE, the global leader in industrial biomass and waste-to-energy solutions, bring together 160 years of experience and close to 600 passionate firemakers at your service.

"Reducing CO2 and valorizing waste streams is one of the biggest challenges for the industry in the years to come. We don’t pin ourselves down to a fixed set of technologies. Instead, we enjoy being challenged by our customers to find an efficient and future-proof solution that integrates the best available technologies in the smartest way "
Callens-Vyncke CEO Vincent
Vincent Weyne
CEO Callens-Vyncke

For years, we have provided the industry with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions to cogenerate heat and power. These CHP systems offer our customers optimized energy plants, saving both energy and CO2 emissions. While CHPs still make up an important part of our strategy, they are no longer the sole focus. Our new approach integrates CHPs with other technologies, embodying our commitment to sustainable and green energy solutions. 

The Callens-Vynckeneers are a close-knit and capable team of experts who are driven by sustainable industrial engineering. Expect only the best solutions.

CallensVyncke team

Our projects

Proudly engineered in Belgium, and delivered worldwide​.

Discover some of our projects we’ve engineered and installed over the past years. Ongoing projects concerning electrification, novel fuels, waste streams and carbon capture will be added soon. Meanwhile, follow our LinkedIn page for live updates on our new projects.

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