Reference: KRONOS Ghent (Belgium)



Since 1916, KRONOS Worldwide, Inc. has been producing titanium dioxide pigments (TiO2), it is the world's primary pigment for providing whiteness, brightness and opacity.


The Belgian production site is situated in Ghent, along the left bank of the canal between Ghent and Terneuzen. The location provides easy access to raw materials and energy. Another benefit is the vicinity to highways in direction to many European countries. The plant was founded in 1954, the start of first production was in 1957 with a production volume of 4,000 mt/y.


For this plant, they are in continuous need of steam for their production process. To meet this energy demand and fill in a large part of the electrical consumption, CallensVyncke supplies a gas-fired CHP plant. Moreover their electricity output exceeds their average consumption and is supplied to the grid

The project Kronos Ghent is full integration project, brown field. An existing boiler house was reused. Into/ close to this boiler house, CallensVyncke has supplied and integrated the following:

• Heat Recovery Steam Generator HRSG (34t/h, 21barg, steam superheated to 325°C)

• Flue gas condenser (on HRSG)

• Post combustion unit including burners, chamber and pipe train

• Turbomach Caterpillar Gas turbine T65

• Back-up Boiler BuB (27t/h, 21barg, steam superheated to 325°C)

• Single Stack (with connection for HRSG & BuB), 30m

• Deaerator

• Chemical dosing

• Several medium voltage cells for coupling of the gas turbine to the grid

• An MCC including all PLCs for control of the CHP

• DCS system, partly for control, partly for data storage/trending

• Gas pressure reducing station (4 pressure steps)

• Lube oil heat recovering loop

• Feed water heat recovery loop

• Flue gas heat recovery loop

• All required measuring transmitter

• Engineering piping, supervision and execution of all piping

• Engineering cables, supervision and execution of all cable work

• Migration of existing steam 3rd party steam supply

• All connections to the existing production


With a detailed tie-in-schedule we realized:

- The integration of the CHP happened in steps with steam supply of a third part still active

- The complete project was realized within schedule with only very minor action items on the punch list

- All guaranteed performances were met

- We are glad to announce that after this project, we are invited to execute a service contract since 2013

- We were are  able to support the customer such as to make the CHP (less the shut-downs on planned purpose) have an up-time of 98%

- Together with the BuB supplied and integrated by CallensVyncke, the complete system delivers the required steam 99,6% of the time. It makes the project a reference that we are glad to point to.


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