Reference: CARGILL Salzgitter - Germany



Cargill is the largest global family-owned company and an international producer and marketer of food and agricultural products and services.
For their Salzgitter plant, they continuously need process steam for the milling process and hot water for the malt process.
Two-thirds of the generated electricity is consumed on site. To meet this energy demand, Callens Vyncke supplies a gas-fired CHP plant.
A chimney of 85 m height prevents the NOx in the flue gasses from contaminating the malt process.


The project Cargill Salzgitter is a full integration project, green field. A new boiler house was place close to an existing boiler house (customer supply). Into/ close to this boiler house, CallensVyncke has supplied and integrated the following:
• Several medium voltage cells for coupling of the gas turbine to the grid
• An MCC including all PLCs for control of the CHP
• An electrical selectivity study of the complete plant
• Gas compressor unit
• Kawasaki Gas turbine GPB80
• Post combustion unit including pipe train
• Heat Recovery Steam Generator (35t/h, 16barg steam saturated)
• Flue gas condensor
• Stack (leading flue gasses up to 80m height)
• Lube oil heat recovering loop
• Feed water heat recovery loop
• Flue gas heat recovery loop
• All required measuring transmitter
• Supervision of the piping
• All cable work
• All connections to the existing production

With a detailed tie-in-schedule we realized: The integration of the CHP happened parallel to the plant production without any stop. On urgent request of the customer and due to an extra effort, the plant was supplied ahead of schedule with only very minor action items on a punch list. All guaranteed performances were met. We are glad to announce that after this first project, we were able to greet Cargill as a recurrent customer.


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