Reference: AB INBEV Leuven - Belgium

AB INBEV, the largest brewery worldwide replaced their thermal plant in LEUVEN (Belgium) after 40 years of operation by a cogeneration plant. The combined heat and power plant covers 65 % of their electricity consumption and 100 % of their steam-needs.


This new thermal plant reduces the CO2 emissions with about 5000 tons a year, and due to a higher efficiency, the energy consumption decreases with 10 %


The project AB InBev Leuven is a full integration project, green field. A new power plant was built at another position close to the process area. The most important realisations in the scope of CallensVyncke:

• Caterpillar Turbomach Gas turbine Mercury 50 (M50)

• Heat Recovery Steam Generator (27t/h, 13barg steam saturated)

• 2 Backup-boilers (25t/h, 13barg steam saturated)

• Boiler load management for automatic starting and stopping of the steam boilers in function of the steam consumption

• High pressure steam collector + pressure reducing valves + Low pressure steam collector

• Gas Pressure Reducing Station (GPRS) with odorization

• Bypass-chimney between GT and HRSG + fresh air modus

• Lube oil heat recovering loop to preheat the gas (after reducing) with the oil cooling of the Gas Turbine

• Water treatment (active carbon filtration, Softeners, reverse osmose)

• Rain water recuperation

• Feedwater tank with deaerator and chemical dosing + heat exchanger

• Monitoring of the returning condensate (limits for conductivity and turbidity with automatic drain in case of bad quality)

• Blow down vessel and flash vessel

• Diesel generator and air compressor

• Transformer + Medium voltage cells for coupling of the gas turbine to the electrical grid

• All panels and HMI’s to operate and control each part of the installation

• All required measuring transmitters

• All piping and cable work

• All connections to the existing production


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