Combined heat and power cogeneration

Cogeneration, or Combined Heat and Power (CHP), generates both electricity and heat from a single fuel. The CHP system recovers the heat produced during electricity generation to meet your plant’s thermal energy needs. In short, CHP ensures efficient energy use while reducing CO2 emissions and the environmental impact of your plant. 

“Callens-Vyncke always strives for a sensible use of the heat.”


Turbines and engines power up your energy potential

To create a powerful cogeneration system, we use gas turbines, similar to jet engines, or reciprocating engines. Think of big marine engines! 

The rotary movement of the installation drives the generator to produce electricity. Meanwhile, the warm exhaust gases heat water to generate process steam. 

Moreover, Callens-Vyncke maximizes efficiency by using a post-combustion system to burn the remaining oxygen in the exhaust gases, generating the maximum amount of efficient steam for your industrial processes. 


CHP systems offer flexible and cost-effective on-site energy production.  

The generated power can either be used on-site or sold to the public electrical grid. 

 The produced steam can be used to feed your own production processes or sold to neighboring companies. It can even fuel a steam turbine to generate additional electricity, allowing you to adapt to fluctuating energy demands in the future. 

 If hot water is also produced, it can be harnessed for your production process or supplied to a district heating grid. 

 As an EPC integrator, we engineer, design, implement, and commission reliable and safe medium voltage systems. Did you know our team includes Callens-Vynckeneers who have mastered the rare knowledge of IS limiters, as demonstrated by multiple references? 

"Our typical customer requires energy 24/7, ensuring maximum returns from their custom-designed CHP installations."


Service around the clock

To prevent any downtime in your production, our customer service is available 24/7. 

Our service team, supported by specialists, is always on to assist you when you need it. 

CallensVyncke cogeneration
CallensVyncke cogeneration

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