Cogeneration creates electricity and useful heat at once

Cogeneration puts an end to the waste of residual heat. In regular power plants, the heat that is produced when generating electricity is directly released to the environment.

Yet, with a combined heat and power system, the heat is recovered to fulfil other energy demands for your plant, without having to fully rely on more expensive separate supplies.

"CallensVyncke always strives for a sensible use of the heat.
It is, moreover, one of the conditions to receive eventual subsidies."

Turbines and engines power up your energy potential

For a powerful cogeneration system, we’re using gas-fired turbines, comparable to jet engines, or reciprocal engines, think of big marine engines.

The rotary movement of the installation, on the one hand, drives a generator that creates electricity. The warm exhaust gases, on the other hand, are captured to heat up water until it transforms into steam.

What’s even more: CallensVyncke fires up the warmth of the exhaust gases with a post-combustion system, if needed, to produce the maximum amount of efficient steam for your industrial processes.

The newly created electricity can be used on site or sold to the public electrical grid.

The steam too, can be used for your own production processes or alternatively, sold to neighboring companies. It can even serve as fuel for a steam turbine in order to produce extra electricity, which allows you to respond to the fluctuating demands.

If additionally there is also hot water in play, some take the option to harness it in their own production process or to send it to a district heating grid.

While heat and steam form the backbone of our solutions, we also have the scope to cover power requirements.
We engineer, design, implement and commission reliable and safe, medium voltage systems. Did you know that we have CallensVynckeneers who master the rare knowledge of IS limiters, as proven by multiple references?

“Our typical customers need energy 24/7. A rhythm that ensures getting maximum returns from their custom designed CHP installations.”

Service around the clock

To prevent any downtime in your production, our customer service can be contacted around the clock, seven days a week.

Our service team, backed by the necessary specialists, is on a constant standby hence assuring to be at your service within a target turnaround time of 2 hours.

Discover our CHP projects

With our cogeneration systems, customers from all over the world have optimized their energy supply greatly. Whilst most of them are active in the food, drink, paper or chemicals industry, all sectors that demand the highest levels of continuous energy can equally benefit from our solutions. Have a look at some of the CHP installations we have engineered and installed over the past years.

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