Carbon capture

Implementing carbon capture technology enables efficient CO2 utilization, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and comply with current and future regulations.  

Novel Fuels

Integrating Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) into your sustainability strategy

CCUS involves capturing CO2 from boiler flue gases in power generation or industrial facilities that use fossil fuels or biomass. This CO2 can be used on-site, for example in greenhouses, or compressed for transportation to various applications. Alternatively, it may be injected and stored in deep geological formations. The benefits of CCUS for sustainability are immense, including significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and the repurposing of CO2 for valuable applications.

The successful implementation of carbon capture technology requires a deep understanding of boiler flue gas flow and seamless integration within your overall heat balance. This expertise is essential for achieving substantial reduction in industrial CO2 emissions. A challenge that is gratefully accepted by our expert team of Callens-Vynckeneers.

project in the spotlight

Des van Noord



Making use of syngas with high concentrations of H2, CO & S as a novel fuel


Corrosion-resistant boiler system, with a built-in de-NOx system

Co2 reduction

25,000 tonnes/year



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