Combination of world-class expertise and technology

CallensVyncke board of directors
Peter Vyncke, Windy Moerman, Annick Callens, Dieter Vyncke

CallensVyncke was founded in 2010 by harnessing the expertise of family businesses Callens and Vyncke. We develop full-scope cogeneration systems for industrial customers that require both heat and power. As a specialist EPC contractor for gas CHPs from 2 MWe to 20+ MWe, CallensVyncke has grown into a leading, unique integrator of gas turbines and gas engines !

A running start with AB Inbev

It was AB Inbev who set the ball rolling in 2009. The world renowned brewery, based in Leuven (Belgium), was planning a thorough renovation of its boiler room to optimise the energy efficiency and sustainability of its production plant. As an expert in biomass energy, VYNCKE had all qualities that were needed. Yet, AB InBev eventually decided to opt for gas instead of biomass – reason why the brewery finally laid eyes on thermal specialist, Callens.

Callens and Vyncke decided then to join forces and to design this high-tech CHP installation for the plant in Leuven together. After this successful cooperation, the West-Flemish family business never let go of each other and continued to operate under the name CallensVyncke. By now, more than 15 CallensVynckeneers are engineering and managing CHP projects all over Belgium and beyond. Meet the entire team here.

CallensVyncke structure